Subject Overview

To be considered a Founding Father, a man had to be an American patriot who contributed to, debated, and/or signed one of America's founding documents: the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, or the US Constitution. To be considered a Christian Founder, the Founding Father had to either have written about his Christianity, or have another write about his Christianity prior to 1850, or be a member of a Christian denomination. Thus the Christianity of the more obscure delegates is harder to verify than that of the men who were prolific writers. Though lessons on dozens of Christian Founding Fathers could be made, the following were selected for this product: Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, John Witherspoon, George Washington, John Adams, and James Madison.

To understand the great stature of these men, it is important to understand the times in which they lived; therefore "Before Independence," and "Independence" give a historical overview while "Christianity in Early American Society" provides a spiritual history. "Christianity of the Founders" provides definitions for atheist, deist, Christian, and infidel; and provides the quotes verifying that most Founders were Christian. "Christianity in Government" demonstrates how the Founders fully supported Christian morals and activities in Government while resisting the domination of any single denomination.

It is our hope "One Nation Under God: Christian Founders" will restore the vital truths regarding the Christianity of America's Founders to a generation which learns through computer games. It is our prayer that Americans will unite under the Lordship of Jesus Christ once again.