In "One Nation Under God: Christian Founders" you play Uncle Sam searching for Liberty through the Halls of History. As you play, you will learn the truth of our Christian heritage that is never taught in public schools! You will find keys and stars and open doors, along with sliding, bouncing, flying, and jumping through the worlds. There are special "powerup" paintings which give you flight, stealth, and armor. Each lesson is written around five foundational truths which you receive when you encounter the five stars in the game. These truths are used to unlock the powerup paintings and open doors. You will also be gathering keys throughout your journey, but be careful, because some of the keys bear falsehoods. There are also "learning" paintings scattered throughout the level that present all of the information needed in the game, in addition to restoring health and performing a game save.

You will be able to choose the lesson you wish to learn, independently from the game levels. This allows the student to cover any and all material, regardless of his game playing skill. Speaking of skill, you will notice that some levels are marked as having simplified controls. In these levels, motion is limited to right angle turns and moving one square at a time.

One Nation Under God utilizes our Immersive Learning Environment where the student is immersed within a virtual word, and applies the knowledge of the subject directly to situations within that world. This environment causes a dramatic increase in the retention of the knowledge.